Investment Plans.

Our investment ideas are generated through in‐house proprietary research of approximately 250 Emerging Europe companies, backed by regular visits and meetings. We seek inefficiencies in the valuation of well managed companies’ equity and debt with that have an attractive risk/return.


After 1 Day
  • Minimum Deposit : $10
  • Maximum Deposit : $50, 000
  • Affiliate Bonus : 5%
  • 1 day Investment Contract
  • Principal Included


After 3 Days
  • Minimum Deposit : $200
  • Maximum Deposit : $100, 000
  • Affiliate Bonus : 5%
  • 3 days Investment Contract
  • Principal Included


After 5 Days
  • Minimum Deposit : $450
  • Maximum Deposit : $150, 000
  • Affiliate Bonus : 5%
  • 5 days Investment Contract
  • Principal Included

Opportunity to access returns alongside us

We use our extensive experience and knowledge to increase the value of our investors’ fund shares, trying to find the best risk and return ratios in decreasing and increasing markets. Every day, we search for the best opportunities in 24 countries and at 69 stock exchanges.

We become an extension of your finance departments abroad and you can access the accounting information of all your international subsidiaries through a single portal, customised to meet your needs. we can take of the corporate management and SPV administration of your investment structures.

Our best investment specialists are ready to assess your personal expectations, needs, and capabilities to decide whether investing into our funds is the right choice for you.

Our well-experienced team of specialists have intimate, on-the-ground knowledge of the Emerging Markets space, and are able to leverage this expertise to provide our clients with a competitive edge. Our core business areas include active management of 3 open-ended UCITS funds and several contractual mandates.

We are a dedicated active fund manager with extensive expertise in Europe, America and Asia. We also provide top-quality asset allocation and investment management services for pension funds, institutional and private portfolios.

We make every effort to grow our own and investor’ assets daily by setting as our goal outperforming the S&P 500 Index.

It's about creating value

We are hands-on and investor-friendly, our goal is also to support portfolio companies across the early rounds with our follow-on investments. Cento Investment team has had considerable success in assisting portfolio companies’ entry to the US, the UK and China, facilitating collaboration with international corporations, and raising additional capital from top-tier VCs.

actively participates in charity projects and supports culture and sports. We invest in early stage born-global digital startups. Our goal is to discover world class founders tackling big problems and support them on the way to become the industry leaders.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to deliver high level performance and achieve best-of-class results for our investors, businesses, and communities. We know that success comes through struggle and grit.